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Image by Max Bender
Image by Yi Liu
Fishing Boat
Image by Jonnelle Yankovich
Image by Jonathan Knepper
Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
Image by Alex Lange
Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird
Image by asoggetti


Through photojournalism and unique multi-media story-telling, The Logbook's goal is to create projects that feature individuals who lean into the environment, whether for work or play, in all of the elements. The culmination of the projects created by The Logbook will be a collection of stories and photos centered around people who have unique, outdoors centered stories to tell.

Our current project.

The Logbook's current project is centered around hot rocks, burning wood, and steam– you guessed it, we're talking about saunas. By collaborating with creatives local to the Keweenaw, a book about Saunas in the Upper Peninsula is currently in the works.

Image by Andrew Neel

The Logbook is looking for contributors. 

Are you interested in being a part of this project? We are looking for contributing writers, designers, retailers, and donors to help us create something truly unique in the Upper Peninsula.

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